BARCODE is a pioneering fully-integrated Media Production, Marketing & Communication Agency.


In addition to traditional media and analyst relations, BARCODE specializes in business and social media PR, SEO, digital marketing and creative services. It works with companies to implement integrated communications programs on regional and international scale.


BARCODE works with leading and emerging brands across multiple sectors, including hospitality, automotive, consumer, government, healthcare, insurance, legal, non-profit, technology and telecom.

We can help you with your marketing plans to ensure you succeed in meeting your challenging business objectives. We understand technology and the complex nature of IT channel relationships. Whether you are a service provider, vendor, distributor or systems integrator our experience in this marketplace enables us to help you grow your sales.

The BARCODE true point of difference is our team and our passion for excellence in client services. Our approach looks after an environment that enables strategic planning and inventiveness. With our staff’s commitment, expertise, knowledge, drive, energy and enthusiasm, we persist to help our clients succeed.



To establish a global knowledge-sharing network that will change the world of communication forever. 


It’s all about Action. It’s as Simple as that.





We are passionate about building a skilled and enthusiastic team, and take care to nurture talent so as to develop and retain the best people in the business.


We invest in creativity training for every member of staff, and encourage our people to challenge the work that they do and the way that they do it. 


We will always give our honest opinion, even if that isn’t always the easiest view to deliver.


We are devoted to our clients success and committed to working as partners 



Uppsala– SWEDEN

Spinnsrocksvägen 5

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Tel.: +46 0 70 402 4042

Dubai - UAE

P.O.Box  16063

Tel:     +971 7 204 2781

Fax:    +971 7 204 2781

Mob.: +971 50 547 9506

Guangzhou - CHINA

Tel: +86 4007 566 890

R706 ZhengYu Mansion


YiAn Rd, South of JiangWan bridge,