Since the agency’s inception in 2005, we’ve been focused on creating an environment where exceptional ideas are made.
BARCODE is prides itself on being a vibrant network of creative and precise professionals, intensely aware of the physical and social environments within which they operate and to which they contribute.

BARCODE’s team has a strong sense of society and understands the significance of collaborating and sharing. We believe that communication would not live without the idea of sharing, which is after all the original meaning of communication, and this shapes BARCODE’s vision of its profession. Therefore sharing the challenges that exist in our social and natural environments is an fundamental part of BARCODE.

First in form us we put a stick in a ground in area of creativity. We refuse to take a backseat to any competitor when it comes to creativity, and impact of our work. We find a new generation of strategic and creative leaders around the world, who are young, digital, and hungry to succeed.

BARCODE is the place for difference; we help our clients by offering a broad range of capabilities that cover the full cycle of in-house brand development and strategic.

Welcome to BARCODE , Welcome to a new Media CODE




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