Public relations is still about influencing others and engaging them in meaningful ways, but the technology and techniques for doing so have changed drastically – and your approach has to change with it.

But today’s public relations are about more than just traditional or interactive tactics. It’s about finding the right ways to reach your target audiences – and having the right stories to tell once you do.

With experience in international, national, regional and local communications across various industry sectors, BARCODE can help you increase awareness, build credibility, strengthen business and media relationships, manage reputations and generate broad-based press and social media coverage.



Media relations are an important method of reaching your potential customers and other key stakeholders.


To build your profile within the media we use a range of PR techniques including press releases, forward features, case studies and by-lined articles.

Our copywriting and editing services ensure that your message is always presented clearly, consistently and professionally, while our extensive media contacts enable you to benefit from excellent coverage in the most appropriate publications. 



We have experience buying media wherever your target audience can be reached.


We don’t develop “traditional” and “online” media plans.


Instead, we approach your plan holistically, looking at all media available and developing the best overall campaign for your business and your audience. 



Do you believe that single bad posting, negative feedback in blogs, awful testimonials in popular forums, unrealistic allegations, and product reviews from false users can possibly put your company out of business.

Reputation Management will assure that potential customers will have a first excellent impression of your company. Keep in mind without any Reputation management these shocking negative posts translate at the end into damage to your reputation to say the least.

At BARCODE we offer this service is for companies that have had their reputation badly effected or even damaged. Our persistent approach to defeating these negative references is unparalleled within the field of reputation Management industry. 



How is your company viewed within your local community? Have you considered the impact your level of social responsibility may have on your business growth?

BARCODE can advise you on developing new areas of CSR, or help spread the message about your current initiatives.


Whether you are taking steps to run a green office, or allowing staff to volunteer for local projects during the working week, demonstrating a positive relationship with the community can benefit your company on many levels.